Where are you located?

WestWide Auto Recyclers is located at 39 Austin Avenue, Maddington.

Why buy a recycled auto part?

We are an essential part of the automotive industry. Our supply chain enables people to repair a vehicle that sometimes would not be economically viable or simply parts are no longer available new.

What is an Auto Recycler?

We are a business that specialises in the professional dismantling of motor vehicles that have been declared salvage stock.

Do Auto Recycling businesses have trained/specialised staff?

Our staff have to possess many skills. The parts interpreters require a very extensive knowledge on the functions of key parts and if they are in serviceable condition and whether they can be interchanged.

What is a Statutory Write-Off?

This is a motor vehicle that has been deemed unsuitable to be repaired and as such cannot be re-licensed for road use.